wtf is the point any longer…

wtf is the point any longer…

my “therapist” left in a complete lurch. my father starts calling me again more than a year later playing the ‘poor old man’ card as if that means i’m supposed to just pretend you didn’t kick me to the curb last time…just like you’ve done for my entire fucking life?!?!?

the post office won’t deliver my social security or medicare mail because they don’t want to ‘dismount’ their truck for 15 seconds and one car length to put it into a slot on the side of my garage.

i’m cut off from E V E R Y O N E and no one cares.

i have no medical cards, guidebooks or other handouts because of them. my credit cards have sent emails saying my address was undeliverable, it’s not. yet the USPS can continue to abuse someone with a disability.

w t f is the point anymore…seriously.

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